#36. What happened on cloud last week

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  1. Regions news
  • Amazon RDS now supports MariaDB 10.3 and MySQL 8.0 [7, 8].

MS Azure

  1. Azure Availability Zones expand with new services and to new regions [11]

Google Cloud Platform

  1. New features rolled in Cloud Storage to improve security and privacy [12]
  • Cloud KMS integration with Cloud Storage.
  • Access Transparency for Cloud Storage and Persistent Disk.
  • Connect a private zone to a single network or multiple networks, giving you flexibility when designing your internal network architectures.
  • Create split-horizon DNS architectures where identical or overlapping zones can coexist between public and private zones in Cloud DNS, or across different GCP networks.
  • Utilize IAM-based, DNS-specific roles to delegate administrative or editor access to manage or view managed private zones.


  1. AWS Directory Service for Microsoft Active Directory and AD Connector are now available in the AWS GovCloud (US) region.
  2. Amazon EC2 now offers On-Demand capacity reservations.
  3. Announcing the general availability of Bring Your Own IP for Amazon Virtual Private Cloud.
  4. Amazon EKS now supports additional VPC CIDR blocks.
  5. Amazon EFS now supports AWS VPN and inter-region VPC peering.
  6. PostgreSQL 11 is now available in Amazon RDS database preview environment.
  7. Amazon RDS now supports MariaDB 10.3.
  8. Amazon RDS now supports MySQL 8.0.
  9. Amazon ElastiCache now supports the next generation General-Purpose and Memory-Optimized Amazon EC2 M5 and R5 nodes.
  10. Amazon Translate achieves HIPAA eligibility.
  11. Azure Availability Zones expand with new services and to new regions.
  12. Protecting Cloud Storage with WORM, key management and more updates.
  13. Introducing Private DNS Zones: resolve to keep internal networks concealed.
  14. Introducing the Cloud KMS plugin for HashiCorp Vault.

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